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So how does a Practice Check up work?

What follows is a description of a standard Practice Check up. If you would like a Check up tailored just for you, please get in touch.



A standard Practice Check up package begins with Andrea spending 2 days at your premises observing your practice in action and gathering information. This will include, but is not limited to, undertaking the following:

  • quiet observation of you and your team in action

  • talking to the team

  • photographs

  • inspecting all rooms in the practice and its surrounds.



After this observation period, a full Report will be prepared and will include a section on each area of your practice such as reception, clinical areas, non clinical areas as well as areas immediately outside of practice. The Report will also detail:

  • a list of all observations made while at your practice with assessments of what is being done well and what could be improved

  • recommendations related to these assessments

  • a rationale of these recommendations

  • a summary of findings

  • a score out of 10 for all areas of the practice that have been observed



When the Report is complete, a one hour consultation will be arranged with you to discuss the findings. Both a hard copy and a soft copy of the Report will be made available to you at this meeting.



The fee for a standard Practice Check up is AUD $3500 with a 50% deposit due on booking and the remaining fee due before our final meeting.

Additional time to discuss your Practice Check up Report can be added at a cost of AUD $100 per hour.

Note that from time to time, “special” rates may be offered and these will be required to be paid in full on booking.

If you would like to arrange a Practice Check up that differs from the standard package, please contact Andrea to discuss specifics and associated fees. 


I'm interested in a Practice Check up!

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch soon.

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