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Andrea is an author, speaker, trainer and dental consultant who specialises in practice lifestyle and organisation.

She has four decades of experience in various roles across more than 200 dental practices and has worked with more than 1800 personnel in both the public and private sectors.

Andrea is committed to addressing what she calls the daily irony experienced by most dental personnel – "they go to work each day with the aim of improving the health of others but actually end up compromising their own".

Dental personnel deal with stress, injury and illness everyday and the consequences can have a devastating effect not only on the individual but on the team as a whole and ultimately on the business. And the fallout is not left at the door when personnel leave work. The negative effects of an unhealthy workplace can have serious impacts in their private lives too. There are no winners in this scenario, just losers and often many more than we realise.

Andrea is dedicated to inspiring a cultural shift in the way dentists and their teams work with the ultimate aim being to create healthier and happier dental personnel, patients and practices.

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Andrea is the founder of Organised Dental, a company committed to helping dentists work smarter so they can live better.

Andrea has successfully combined her love of dentistry and research, her passion for organising and wellbeing and her four decades of experience in the dental sector to create what she calls the Five Foundations: 

 The Dentist

 The Environment

The Team

The Systems

The Patient Experience

It is through these Five Foundations that Andrea helps dentists and their teams create better practices because for any business to grow it must have strong foundations to build upon and dental practices are no exception.

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Andrea has also recently founded My Dental Lifestyle, an exciting new venture which takes Andrea's extensive knowledge and experience and combines them with her passion for wellbeing. The aim is to create a hub filled with valuable resources and advice designed to assist everyone working in the dental field.

Find peace by reducing stress

Love who you are and what you do

Find joy in everything you do

My Dental Lifestyle is specifically dedicated to all dental personnel and to enhancing the quality of their lives both at work and beyond.


looking for a dynamic speaker?

Andrea knows her subject and she knows her audience too.

More than just an engaging speaker, Andrea’s insights are highly relevant and right on time.


She can tailor her talk or workshop to your audience’s needs and is committed to making a memorable contribution to your next event.


Organise & Thrive

Introducing the Five Foundations that are the secret to creating a less stressful, more productive and happier dental practice. 

Organise & Thrive is a practical guide filled with common sense insights and solutions that work. It's about helping you build and organise the solid foundations your practice needs to support the work you are doing now and the work you will go on to do in the future. It's about creating the conditions that will allow your team and your practice to thrive.

Look out for Andrea's next book due in 2021.

how can I help you?

Andrea is committed to improving the working lives of dental personnel and she does this by offering her in-demand Coaching services, workshop and training opportunities and her popular Practice Check ups.



Just like your patients, your dental practice needs regular check ups to ensure that it's working well, protecting both the wellbeing of your dental team and the viability of your business.

Andrea Felton is a practice check up specialist.

Discover what a Practice Check up can do for you. BOOK NOW!



As a coach, Andrea's objective is to work with you on the challenges you and your practice are facing.


All practices are different and one on one coaching allows Andrea to focus on the concerns specific to you and your team. This individualised approach is just one of the reasons her work is so effective. With her practical style and extensive experience in the dental sector Andrea has guided her clients towards achieving real and meaningful change and a measurable improvement in the quality of life they enjoy at work.

She can do the same for you. Contact Andrea for a confidential chat.



Andrea's approach to education and training is personal and bespoke. Drawing on her extensive experience in the dental field, she creates each workshop or training program individually so that it caters to your precise needs. This highly targeted strategy is very effective and produces lasting and measurable results. Talk with Andrea today about how she can assist your team, group or organisation.



Based on the Five Foundations, Andrea has assembled a trove of valuable resources designed to help you assess and transform your practice.


By gifting these resources, Andrea hopes to inspire you to work smarter so you can live better at work and beyond ... So make the most of them while they are free!


We have created a Member's Area for these resources so sign up or login to access them anytime. It's easy - you can find the Sign up/Log in button at the top right of this page. Once you have signed up or logged in go to your My Account page and select Members Area. That's it!


Andrea will be adding to these resources from time to time so visit often to check out what's new.


when not working ...

... Andrea spends her time with her husband, two sons, her fur babies, extended family and friends.


She loves to read, write and travel and also enjoys researching and testing new things that she can bring back to dental practices to improve lives.



For general enquiries and speaking availability

call  0411 736 257 from inside Australia

+ 61 411 736 257 from outside Australia


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